This safety briefing will be held on board prior or during departure

Welcome aboard one of SeaSafari’s RIB-boats. Below are some important information regarding safety on board.

Please read through the information and ask questions.

  • The personal safety equipment is:
    Warm days:: Lifejacket and Googles.
    Cold days:: Flotation Overall, Hat, Gloves and Googles.
  • The lifejacket will automatically inflate in contact with water.
  • The boat is equipped with all required safety equipment and carries full charter insurance.
    Fire extinguisher is placed in the forward and the aft seats.
    First Aid kit is placed in the aft seats.
    VHF radio is placed by the driver and the navigator.
  • To travel by RIB-boat may be compatible with vibrations and heavy shocks . It is important for you to pay attention when we meet waves and rise up slightly, hold on to the seat in front of you and with bend knees take the shocks. This will also help you to keep your balance.
  • It is important not to sit down when the boat meet waves.
  • If you have a sore or sensitive back, neck or hip you have to notify the driver and take a seat as far aft as possible. Women far advanced in their pregnancy are advised to refrain trip.
  • If something feels uncomfortable or if you would like us to slow down, just wave with one hand, we see it right away. Due to wind noise and engine noise we hear unfortunately nothing so it is only signs that apply.
  • DIt is important that you feel confident and do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or if something seems unclear. The crew is for your safety.

We hope you will enjoy the trip with us at SeaSafari.

Welcome Onboard !

”Download Safety information prior to departure”

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