Enjoy your very own waterfront property

Conference full day or half day!

An exclusive island far away from the metropolitan life and rush hour but only an hour away from the city

This lovely Island is situated in the middle of our fabulous archipelago. The facility is available for hosting groups up to 15 people over night and consists of a number of smaller houses with all the amenities.

You find everything from a fabulous sauna directly adjacent to the generous jetty to the full equipped cabins with water closet and modern facilities. The property is also fully self-sufficient in solar energy!!

Aside from the amazing scenery, the peacefulness and the wood-fired sauna by the water we can also savor one of the world’s best sunsets! The property has shoreline both on the north and south side of the island. Sunset on the property’s north shore line is mentioned in an Australian guide of the world’s 10 most beautiful sunsets!

Adjacent to the island are several activities such like cross country high rope track

  • Conference and accommodation all year round.
  • Transport with RIB or hovercraft.
  • Including hot sauna and sauna towels.
  • All inclusive exclude drinks

Price: on quotation.

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