Seal Safari with coffee in the outer Archipelago

You have to know where to look!

SeaSafari take you out to the open sea where we are most likely to see seals and sea eagles in their natural environment. On the way out, we pass both the inner and the middle archipelago before the horizon finally opens up. The outer archipelago characteristically harsh environment given the feeling that time stands still!

Halichoerus grypus balticus – Baltic Grey Seal

The male is dark grey with light spots, the female has dark grey spots on a silvery grey fur and the kids, called Pups, are white. With its length of about 250 cm and weight up to 300 kg male is clearly larger than the female who is about 180 cm long and 150 to 200 kg heavy. Grey seals feed mostly on fish and can dive down to 70 m depth.

Before we return inwardly we are taking a break on a lovely island. Picnic basket usually consists of coffee and delightfully fresh baked buns straight from the bakery.

  • Time required about 4 hours.
  • Includes coffee and freshly baked pastries.
  • The activity is feasible early spring until late autumn.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Extraordinary nature experience.

Price: Stockholm abt 4 h, Sek 13 000:-/boat and 395:-/person.

Prices refer to one (1) boat with capacity for 12 passengers. All prices exclude VAT.

The price includes of course all the necessary equipment such as flotation suit, life jacket and goggles. The boats are moreover always manned by two experienced and certified crew.

Minimum 8 persons. Groups over 36 people on qoutation.

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