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Welcome to SeaSafari!

This site is under construction. 95% completed

We help you organize unforgettable moments and action packed events in Stockholm Archipelago.

Our goal is to provide you experiences you will never forget. With 10 years experience of archipelago events we know how to create the best combination of exciting moments and first class service in an unbeatable world class environment.

We offer a wide range of RIB events, team buildings, kick off and conferences suitable for all kind of company groups. Of course it is also suits private gatherings, bachelor events or family excursions

All events are able to combine with each other. Snacks, food and beverage will put an extra touch to your RIB event. Let us assist you and guide you to a perfect combination up to your satisfaction.

To meet all your requests we also offer tailor made events and excursions.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we always have something to offer.


Tobbe and Alex




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