RIB Charter

Where, when, how long and for how many participants – you decide!

When you decide to go with SeaSafari RIB charter, you get one of the archipelago’s most extreme boating excitements.

A RIB is capable to handle all kind of sea states. The maneuverability and the power from the engines give you a euphoric feeling “like flying on water.” You cannot get away from the adventurous, tingling feeling that comes when you ride a RIB – whether you choose high speed navigation in the outer archipelago or a calmer guided tour.

Whatever you choose, we promise that it will be an experience you will never forget. Our experienced drivers will take you through the archipelago as if it were their own back yard.

Travelling in a RIB is something that everyone will appreciate, whether you like speed or the ability to see the archipelago fantastic nature.

The boats take you up to a speed of 55 knots (close to 60 mph). On board we have conceivable navigation and safety equipment including flotation suits, life jackets and goggles for all weather.

Each boat can accommodate twelve guests.
The activity is feasible from early spring until late autumn.
Suitable for all ages, depending on the type of tour.
Extraordinary nature experience.
Price: Stockholm

295 Sek /person

1 h Sek 7 000:-/boat
2 h Sek 9 000:-/boat
3 h Sek 13 000:-/boat
Waiting time 1 500:-/hour

Prices refer to one (1) boat with capacity for 12 passengers.

All prices exclude VAT.

The price includes of course all the necessary equipment such as flotation suit, life jacket and goggles. The boats are moreover always manned by experienced and certified crew.

Groups over 36 people for on quotation.

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